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About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a complete system of medicine that has developed over thousands of years ago and little has changed over the centuries. TCM is largely based on the philosophical concept that the human body is a small universe with a set of interconnected systems, and that those systems usually work in balance to maintain the healthy human body. This ancient holistic medical system understands that the body, mind, spirit and emotions must all be interconnected to restore balance in ones life.

TCM is based primarily on a theory of balanced energy in the body. The patterns of energy flow called "Qi" or vital energy through the twenty meridians of the body. Well-being of the body, mind and spirit will occur when energy flow is free and harmonious. When the body is in good health, energy flow is balanced and consistent. However, when energy flow is imbalanced or blocked it will result in pain and disease. Restoring the natural balance involves combining various TCM techniques such acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, guasha, nutrition/lifestyle counseling and energetic exercises. Besides treating illness or disorders, TCM strengthens our bodies to naturally heal itself to prevent disease, enhance energy, improve immune system, and preserve a prolonged state of vibrant health.