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The Lotus Approach

At Lotus Acupuncture, our intention is to provide effective, holistic and compassionate care for the entire family. We are dedicated in creating a personalized non-invasive approach to honor your body, mind and spirit.

We believe in treating the constitutional root of illness rather than the symptoms to achieve vibrant health. Symptoms will be eliminated once the root of disease is treated. After a thoroughly diagnosis, we will formulate a customized treatment plan to restore you to optimum health. We aim to regulate the imbalances that you experience in your body and mind whether it is due to emotional stress, physical trauma, improper diet, environmental factors or genetic predispositions.

We encourage the formation of a long-term partnership of respect and trust. We at Lotus Acupuncture value this partnership highly; we believe the best healing is achieved in a reciprocal relationship. We will listen with sincerity to understand your health needs and spend ample time to thoroughly discuss your condition. An open dialogue is encouraged when patients are discussing their health issues and goals. We are passionate about creating an environment of educating and empowering to support our patients in all aspects of their healing process. Through this collaborative process, we hope to inspire the inner wisdom, strength and courage inside each one of you to lead a balance & healthier way of living.

At Lotus acupuncture, we believe in the ancient wisdom of preventive medicine to rebalance the body and mind to its natural balance state. Our goal is to promote a lifetime of vitality, health and happiness. Receiving regular TCM treatments could limit your chance of developing chronic disease and debilitating symptoms in the future. Some patients receive monthly treatment to stay in balance. At minimum, four treatments a year at the change of seasons are very effective in supporting the immune system and keeping one at optimum health.