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Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal medicine is a vital component of TCM. Unlike Western drugs, Chinese herbs treats the individual's constitutional imbalance not just the symptoms. Chinese herbal prescriptions from a licensed practitioner are customized for each patient. Chinese herbal medicines are prescribed according to an individual's needs and their diagnosis. Medicinal herbal therapy complements acupuncture by nourishing the imbalance in the body daily to increase the effectiveness and accelerate the progress of the healing.

Over four hundred individual herbs have been identified and used in the Chinese Herbal Pharmacopeias. Most herbs are derived from flowers, roots, barks, peels, fruits and seeds each with its own properties and pharmacological actions. They may be cooked into teas, dried into powered, processed into pills, extracts, or even used topically in teas or liniments. Unlike most western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine has a low risk of side effects. At Lotus Acupuncture, we use the highest grade of herbal medicine, which are GPO certified free of heavy metals pesticides and other containments.