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I first consulted with Rose after suffering 15 years of chronic UTI's. Western Medicine had done nothing but prescribe antibiotics, which had made the situation worse. Rose suggested dietary changes, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and supplements. She carefully explained the nature of the imbalance, and was always available to answer questions and offer guidance. Within a few weeks, I was 90 % healed and nine months later I continue to be free and clear of UTI's. Rose is a miracle-worker! - Jill

Rose and her intuitive knowledge of acupuncture and other Chinese healing methods and techniques make her an indispensable asset to any individual that is in need of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Rose gentle guidance and knowledge has opened a new horizon in our path to holistic health and happiness. We cherish the moments that she thoroughly spends with us during our sessions and after wards doing research regarding all of our health inquiries. TCM is now my primary method of health care and principle line of defense in disease prevention. I feel lucky to have Rose as my health care provider - Karla

I have been receiving exceptional treatment and care from Rose since July of 2008. In July I was scheduled for a total hip replacement at a well-known University Hospital. As a health care provider myself I am not the most compliant patient when it come to invasive surgeries so I welcomed Rose's willingness to work with me using alternative modalities of treatment. Although I am not pain free I am able to function at a much higher level, with increased mobility and have been able to resume many activities I had previously been unable to participate in. The quality of my emotional and physical well-being has been deeply impacted by Rose's expertise in the field of herbal therapy and acupuncture. - Jodene

Acupuncture has been very effective in treating my Parkinson's symptoms. After a couple treatments, the tremors in my leg ceased. Also, my arm tremors decreased, which enable me write with more stability. I am certain that acupuncture received under Rose's through and thoughtful care will control my Parkinson's disease and symptoms as well as improve my overall health. Rose is 100 % committed to your balanced health and holistic well-being. - Ugo

I am so grateful to have met Rose. I was diagnosed with degenerative disease in my lower back, which has left me unable walk and in extreme pain. After seeing Rose, she has given me a new life and now I am able to walk. Her care is gentle and she truly cares about her patients! - Leeza

I was on a variety of western medication to treat my chronic pain in the feet, back, neck and shoulder. I didn't like the side effects of the medicine, so Rose created a treatment plan to eliminate the both the pain and toxic medication. After months of regular treatment, my pain was gone and I was no longer taking any medication. Thank You Rose for your amazing work. - Kenneth

I came to Rose seeking relief primarily from anxiety and panic attacks. I had previously treated those problems with prescription medications. I disliked the side effects these meds came with and wanted a different solution. After the first session, I was relaxed enough the next day to not have panic attack, just moderte anxiety. Rose uses a combination of herbs, acupuncture, and diet and lifestyle changes. It really works. She is knowledgeable and compassionate. She has a true gift of healing. - Lesley

I had extreme pain in my left knee for months. My conventional doctor took x-rays and couldn't find any degenerative disease. He gave me prescription drugs, which didn't help. I went to Rose Tan, and had a ten minute acupuncture session, as I was short on time and in need of relief. I felt relief within the hour. I was free of pain for the next four days. It was my first acupuncture treatment! I always knew there was natural healing for the body. I found it not only with acupuncture, but with the way Rose especially eased me into it with her warm and confident manner. - Marvida, CMT

I am very thankful that I was successfully treated with acupuncture and herbal remedies. I have seasonal allergies during the spring in which for many years I have had to take prescription allergy medicine in order to function but dislike the side effects. Rose specifically designed a treatment plan of acupuncture, herbal medicine and other natural recommendations. My allergies vastly improved during the season. I highly recommend Rose to anyone seeking to eliminate allergies! - Manny

I have been seeing Rose for over a year. I look forward to our sessions. She spends a great deal of time gathering information about your health and well-being as well as listening to your concerns. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. I have noticed a huge improvement in my immune system—I rarely catch colds now and I no longer need to take mediation for hay fever. I suffered from frequent neck, back, and knee pain, which has greatly improved. I recommend Rose for any specific aliments or simply to maintain over all good health and prevent disease. She is very knowledgeable about acupuncture and herbal medicine. - Adrienne